All-America Football Conference Committee

Goal: Research and collect materials related to the All-America Football Conference.

Chair: Ken Crippen

Biography Committee

Goal: Write biographies of all major league professional players, coaches and administrators.

Chair: Greg Tranter

Members: Lee Elder, Matt Keddie and Jeffrey Miller

Education Committee

Goal: The PFRA Education Committee is dedicated to collecting (and developing) educational materials that use football as an example for instruction in math, history, geography and other subjects.

Chair: Neal Golden

Neal has already put together a list of ideas for Middle School math lessons based on football. If you are interested in joining the committee or have any questions about the committee, please contact Neal.

Gamebooks Committee

Goal: The goal of the PFRA Gamebooks Committee is to collect gamebooks and play-by-play accounts for all of the games in NFL history. These can be a valuable tool for researchers, but acquiring them can be an arduous task. The goal is to share the collective efforts of a number of researchers and pool the results in one location, hopefully to foster future research.

Chairs: Giovanni Malaty, Craig Rye, and Clay Acord

Hall of Very Good Committee

Goal: Solicit and sort through nominees, prepare all HOVG-related materials for Coffin Corner and prepare write-ups on the nominees.

Chair: Andy Piascik

Linescore Committee

Goal: Generate linscores for all NFL games played since 1920.

Chair: Gary Selby

NFL Officials Committee

Goal: To compile a list of all NFL officials, their positions and their uniform numbers.

Chair: Gary Najman-Vainer

Pre-NFL Committee

Goal: Research and collect materials related to the pre-NFL era of professional football.

Chair: Roy Sye

World Football League Committee

Goal: Research and collect materials related to the World Football League.

Chair: Mark Speck