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Chairs: Greg Tranter, Jeffrey Miller and George Bozeka

The PFRA is launching a new initiative called the “Biography Project.” The intention of the project is to engage PFRA members to write biographies of former professional football players, head coaches, owners, founders, or commissioners from the pre-NFL, AAFC, and AFL/NFL.

Our initial focus will be on the 1960’s Buffalo Bills, but we are open to members writing biographies on any players, head coaches, owners, founders, or commissioners from any pre-NFL, AAFC, and AFL/NFL teams they are interested to do.

The PFRA website will store and display the biographies for members to utilize in their research or just for their pleasure. The project aligns well with the mission of the PFRA to continue to capture and disseminate the history of professional football.

The project will be overseen by a small Biography Committee that includes George Bozeka, Jeff Miller, and Greg Tranter.

We have developed guidelines for the biographies so there is some degree of consistency across all of them. See Authors’ Guidelines for PFRA Biography Project below. We will also utilize the PFRA Publications Author Guidelines (which are below) to guide our work.

We are excited to introduce this new project and encourage all members to participate. This will be an ongoing project.

If you are interested in writing a biography on a Buffalo Bills player, head coach, owner or founder from the AFL or any other professional football players, head coaches, owners, founders, or commissioners please contact Greg Tranter.

A few guidelines for the project:

PFRA Publications Authors Guidelines

Biography Project Authors Guidelines

End Note and Source Guidelines

Name Position Author Teams
Herb Adderley DB Don Smith 1961-69 Green Bay Packers, 1970-72 Dallas Cowboys
Tony Adamle LB-FB Bob Carroll 1947-54 Cleveland Browns
Dick "The Bruiser" Afflis T-DG-G John Maxymuk 1951-54 Green Bay Packers
Troy Aikman QB Pro Football Hall of Fame 1989-2000
Jim Ailinger G Jeffrey J. Miller 1924
Marcus Allen RB Rich Shmelter 1982-92 Los Angeles Raiders, 1993-97 Kansas City Chiefs
Lyle Alzado DE Rich Shmelter 1971-78 Denver Broncos, 1979-81 Cleveland Browns, 1982-85 Los Angeles Raiders
Max Anderson RB Greg Tranter 1968-69 Buffalo Bills
Bill Atkins DB-HB Budd Bailey 1958-59 San Francisco 49ers, 1960-63 Buffalo Bills, 1963 New York Jets, 1964 Denver Broncos
Art Baker FB Greg Tranter 1961-62 Buffalo Bills
Dave Behrman C-t Budd Bailey 1963 and 1965 Buffalo Bills, 1967 Denver Broncos
Charley Bivins HB-TE Budd Bailey 1960-66 Chicago Bears, 1967 Buffalo Bills, 1967 Pittsburgh Steelers
Linda Bogdan Scout-Executive Greg Tranter Buffalo Bills: 1986-2006 Scout, 1991-2006 Corporate Vice President, 2006-09 Vice President/Assistant Director of College and Pro Scouting
Dewey Bohling HB Budd Bailey 1960-61 New York Titans, 1961 Buffalo Bills
Nate Borden DE Budd Bailey 1955-59 Green Bay Packers, 1960-61 Dallas Cowboys, 1962 Buffalo Bills
Hezekiah Braxton FB Greg Tranter 1962 San Diego Chargers, 1963 Buffalo Bills
Marlin Briscoe WR-QB-FL Robert Blackstock 1968 Denver Broncos, 1969-71 Buffalo Bills, 1972-74 Miami Dolphins, 1975 San Deigo Chargers, 1975 Detroit Lions, 1976 New England Patriots
Bob Brodhead QB Budd Bailey 1960 Buffalo Bills
Charlie Brown DB-HB Budd Bailey 1966-67 Chicago Bears, 1968 Buffalo Bills
Dick Brubaker E-DE Budd Bailey 1955 and 1957 Chicago Cardinals, 1960 Bufalo Bills
Gary Bugenhagen G-T Budd Bailey 1967 Buffalo Bills, 1970 Boston Patriots
Bobby Burnett RB Jeffrey Miller 1966-67 Buffalo Bills, 1969 Denver Broncos
Joe Cannavino DB Budd Bailey 1960-61 Oakland Raiders, 1962 Buffalo Bills
Don Chelf T-G Jeffrey Miller 1960-61 Buffalo Bills
Dave Costa DT-DE Budd Bailey 1963-65 Oakland Raiders, 1966 Buffalo Bills, 1967-71 Denver Broncos, 1972-73 San Diego Chargers, 1974 Buffalo Bills
Wayne Crow HB-DB Budd Bailey 1960-61 Oakland Raiders, 1962-63 Buffalo Bills
Dick Cunningham T-LB Greg Tranter 1967-72 Buffalo Bills, 1973 Houston Oilers, 1973 Philadelphia Eagles
Dan Darragh QB Greg Tranter 1968-70 Buffalo Bills
Jerry DeLucca T-DT Budd Bailey 1959 Philadelphia Eagles, 1960-61 Boston Patriots, 1962-63 Buffalo Bills, 1963-64 Boston Patriots
Chuck DeVleigher DT Greg Tranter 1969 Buffalo Bills
Lou Feist E-T-FB Jeffrey Miller 1924-25 Buffalo Bisons, 1926 Buffalo Rangers
Ralph Felton LB-DB-FB Budd Bailey 1954-60 Washington Redskins, 1961-62 Buffalo Bills
Tom Flores QB-Head Coach Rich Shmelter QB: 1960-66 Oakland Raiders, 1967-69 Buffalo Bills, 1969 Kansas City Chiefs; Head Coach: 1979-87 Oakland/LA Raiders, 1992-94 Seattle Seahawks
Bill Fralic G-T Matt Keddie 1985-92 Atlanta Falcons, 1993 Detroit Lions
Wayne Frazier C-LB Budd Bailey 1962 San Diego Chargers, 1965 Houston Oilers, 1966-67 Kansas City Chiefs, 1967 Buffalo Bills
Marshall Goldberg B Matt Keddie 1939-43 and 1946-48 Chicago Cardinals
Doug Goodwin RB Greg Tranter 1966 Buffalo Bills, 1968 Atlanta Falcons
Willie Grate TE Greg Tranter 1969-70 Buffalo Bills
Hugh Green TE Matt Keddie 1981-85 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1985-91 Miami Dolphins
John Green QB Budd Bailey 1960-61 Buffalo Bills, 1962 New York Titans, 1963 New York Jets
Ben Gregory RB Greg Tranter 1968 Buffalo Bills
Paul Guidry LB Robert Blackstock 1966-72 Buffalo Bills, 1973 Houston Oilers
Lester Hayes DB Rich Shmelter 1976-86 Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders
Mike Haynes DB Rich Shmelter 1976-82 New England Patriots, 1983-89 Los Angeles Raiders
Don Healy DT-G Budd Bailey 1958-59 Chicago Bears, 1960-61 Dallas Cowboys, 1962 Buffalo Bills
Ted Hendricks LB Rich Shmelter 1969-73 Baltimore Colts, 1974 Green Bay Packers, 1975-83 Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders
Marv Hubbard RB Rich Shmelter 1969-75 Oakland Raiders, 1977 Detroit Lions
Floyd Hudlow DB Greg Tranter 1965 Buffalo Bills, 1967-68 Atlanta Falcons
Robert James DB Budd Bailey 1969-74 Buffalo Bills
Tom Janik DB Budd Bailey 1963-64 Denver Broncos, 1965-68 Buffalo Bills, 1969-70 Boston Patriots, 1971 New England Patriots
Billy Joe RB Greg Tranter 1963-64 Denver Broncos, 1965 Buffalo Bills, 1966 Miami Dolphins, 1967-69 New York Jets
Jack Johnson DB Budd Bailey 1957-59 Chicago Bears, 1960-61 Buffalo Bills, 1961 Dallas Texans
Bob Kalsu G Patrick Gallivan 1968 Buffalo Bills
Billy Kinard DB-HB Budd Bailey 1956 Cleveland Browns, 1957-58 Green Bay Packers, 1960 Buffalo Bills
Howard Kindig DE-T Greg Tranter 1965-67 San Diego Chargers, 1967-71 Buffalo Bills, 1972 Miami Dolphins, 1974 New York Jetss
Charlie King DB Greg Tranter 1966-67 Buffalo Bills, 1968-69 Cincinnati Bengals
Tony King DB Greg Tranter 1967 Buffalo Bills
Bill Laskey LB Budd Bailey 1965 Buffalo Bills, 1966-70 Oakland Raiders, 1971-72 Baltimore Colts, 1973-74 Denver Broncos
Bill Laskey LB Jay Zahn 1965 Buffalo Bills, 1966-70 Oakland Raiders, 1971-72 Baltimore Colts, 1973-74 Denver Broncos
Art Laster T Greg Tranter 1970 Buffalo Bills
Angelo Loukas G-T Greg Tranter 1969 Buffalo Bills, 1970 Boston Patriots
Richie Lucas QB-DB-HB Jeffrey J. Miller 1960-61 Buffalo Bills
Booth Lusteg K Budd Bailey 1966 Buffalo Bills, 1967 Miami Dolphins, 1968 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1969 Green Bay Packers
Chick Maggioli DB-HB Chad Moody 1948 Buffalo Bills, 1949 Detroit Lions, 1950 Baltimore Colts
Dr. Harry A. March Administrator Alan March 1925-1933 New York Giants, 1936 American Football League President
Billy Masters TE-SE Budd Bailey 1967-69 Buffalo Bills, 1970-74 Denver Broncos, 1975-76 Kansas City Chiefs
John Matuszak DE-DT Rich Shmelter 1973 Houston Oilers, 1974-75 Kansas City Chiefs, 1976-81 Oakland Raiders
Mike McBath DE-DT-T Greg Tranter 1968-72 Buffalo Bills
Gary McDermott RB Greg Tranter 1968 Buffalo Bills, 1969 Atlanta Falcons
Mike Mercer K Budd Bailey 1961-62 Minnesota Vikings, 1963-66 Oakland Raiders, 1966 Kansas City Chiefs, 1967-68 Buffalo Bills, 1968-69 Green Bay Packers, 1970 San Diego Chargers
Leroy Moore DE Greg Tranter 1960 Buffalo Bills, 1961-62 Boston Patriots, 1962-63 Buffalo Bills, 1964-65 Denver Broncos
Marion Motley FB-LB William H. Johnson 1946-53 Cleveland Browns, 1955 Pittsburgh Steelers
Tom O'Connell QB Budd Bailey 1953 Chicago Bears, 1956-57 Cleveland Browns, 1960-61 Buffalo Bills
Jim Otto C Rich Shmelter 1960-74 Oakland Raiders
Sam Palumbo LB-C Greg Tranter 1955-56 Cleveland Browns, 1957 Green Bay Packers, 1960 Buffalo Bills
Bob Petrich DE Budd Bailey 1963-66 San Diego Chargers, 1967 Buffalo Bills
Bob Pifferini C Chad Moody 1949 Detroit Lions
Art Powell SE-DB-WR Jay Zahn 1959 Philadelphia Eagles, 1960-62 New York Titans, 1963-66 Oakland Raiders, 1967 Buffalo Bills, 1968 Minnesota Vikings
John Prchlik DT-T Chad Moody 1949-53 Detroit Lions
George Ratterman QB Ken Crippen 1947-49 Buffalo Bills, 1950-51 New York Yanks, 1952-56 Cleveland Browns
Ken Rice T-G Budd Bailey 1961 and 1963 Buffalo Bills, 1964-65 Oakland Raiders, 1966-67 Miami Dolphins
Preston Ridlehuber RB Greg Tranter 1966 Atlanta Falcons, 1968 Oakland Raiders, 1969 Buffalo Bills
Bo Roberson FL-HB-WR Budd Bailey 1961 San Diego Chargers, 1962-65 Oakland Raiders, 1965 Buffalo Bills, 1966 Miami Dolphins
Benny Russell QB Greg Tranter 1968 Buffalo Bills
Tom Rychlec E Greg Tranter 1958 Detroit Lions, 1960-62 Buffalo Bills, 1963 Denver Broncos
Tom Saidock DT Budd Bailey 1957 Philadelphia Eagles, 1960-61 New York Titans, 1962 Buffalo Bills
Bob Schmidt C-T-G Budd Bailey 1959-60 New York Giants, 1961-63 Houston Oilers, 1964 Boston Patriots, 1966-67 Buffalo Bills
Henry Schmidt DT-E Budd Bailey 1959-60 San Francisco 49ers, 1961-64 San Diego Chargers, 1965 Buffalo Bills, 1966 New York Jets
Marty Schottenheimer LB-Head Coach Budd Bailey Player: 1965-68 Buffalo Bills, 1969-70 Boston Patriots; Head Coach: 1984-88 Cleveland Browns, 1989-98 Kansas City CHiefs, 2001 Washington Redskins, 2002-06 San Diego Chargers
Art Shell T-Head Coach Rich Shmelter T: 1968-82 Oakland/LA Raiders; Head Coach: 1989-1994 and 2006 Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders
Tom Sherman QB Greg Tranter 1968-69 Boston Patriots, 1969 Buffalo Bills
Bill Shockley HB-K Budd Bailey 1960-61 New York Titans, 1961 Buffalo Bills, 1962 New York Titans, 1968 Pittsburgh Steelers
O.J. Simpson RB Budd Bailey 1969-77 Buffalo Bills, 1978-79 San Francisco 49ers
Jack Spikes FB-HB-K Budd Bailey 1960-62 Dallas Texans, 1963-64 Kansas City Chiefs, 1965 Houston Oilers, 1966-67 Buffalo Bills
Ken Stabler QB Rich Shmelter 1970-79 Oakland Raiders, 1980-81 Houston Oilers, 1982-84 New Orleans Saints
Kay Stephenson QB-Head Coach Greg Tranter Player: 1967 San Diego Chargers, 1968 Buffalo Bills; Head Coach: 1983-85 Buffalo Bills
Donnie Stone HB-FB Budd Bailey 1961-64 Denver Broncos, 1965 Buffalo Bills, 1966 Houston Oilers
LaVerne Torczon DE Budd Bailey 1960-62 Buffalo Bills, 1962-65 New York Titans/Jets, 1966 Miami Dolphins
Jim Wagstaff DB Budd Bailey 1959 Chicago Cardinals, 1960-61 Buffalo Bills
Willie West DB Budd Bailey 1960-61 St. Louis Cardinals, 1962-63 Buffalo Bills, 1964 Denver Broncos, 1964-65 New York Jets, 1966-68 Miami Dolphins
Manch Wheeler QB Greg Tranter 1962 Buffalo Bills
Sid Youngelman DT-DE Budd Bailey 1955 San Francisco 49ers, 1956-58 Philadelphia Eagles, 1959 Cleveland Browns, 1960-61 New York Titans, 1962-63 Buffalo Bills

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