NFL MVP's who didn't deserve to win

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Re: NFL MVP's who didn't deserve to win

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Brian wolf wrote: Sun Apr 14, 2024 4:18 pm What's ur take on Bananas', 74_75_78_79?

Lost his desire? Not the same after injuries, or simply one of the first 90s players to check out after a big payday? Many free agents would follow the same example ...
All I know is, end of day, he was a one-year-and-change-wonder. Just the same, not just anyone could have filled in for him in '92. He was a big reason for the Steelers' resurgence. But so were others for the 'Burgh in '92. Had injuries not gotten to Foster in '93, perhaps a similar output as well. He was a true All-Pro in that very immediate time. But what happened, happened, and then it was Bam/Pegram, then finally - and best yet - the Bus!
Brian wolf wrote: Sun Apr 14, 2024 5:19 pm Good argument for Moss in 2007 but Jerry Rice in 1987 has an even better argument, with 22 TDs in only 65 catches, and 12 games. He added another TD rushing ...

Indeed! Just imagine he in a full 16-game season! And re-forward to 2007...yes, Moss a BIG addition! Perhaps a 'twin' of his '98 rookie performance. But before pushing aside Brady, do know that he basically had no marquee WRs up until then whilst their offense not being too pass-heavy. As the case with his top-two counterpart, Montana, the numbers/stats never really told the tale with Tom either.
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Re: NFL MVP's who didn't deserve to win

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Holy cow, re-litigating a 32-year-old MVP vote? Even Barry Foster doesn't care anymore.
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Re: NFL MVP's who didn't deserve to win

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If I were to cast a "just to be different" vote in 1994 for MVP...maybe make a case for Ben Coates. Became an elite tight end that year. 96 receptions. At that point it was the most ever by a TE. He was also a good blocker...clutch catch after clutch catch.
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Re: NFL MVP's who didn't deserve to win

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The obvious choices for me are 1982 Mark Moseley and 1987 John Elway. Moseley was a kicker who wasn't even perfect that season, so the less said about that the better. Elway won only because the dominant Montana-Rice duo split votes. Jerry Rice had an NFL record for receiving touchdowns while playing only 12 games. Joe Montana was great, but Rice deserved the MVP so much more than either QB. Voting went Elway-36, Rice-30, Montana-18.
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Re: NFL MVP's who didn't deserve to win

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I might get some flak for saying this but everybody who has won the MVP award has had a season in which they deserved to win. Now, can you make a case that maybe a player or two had a better season? Sure, but that's really almost every year. Guys who don't win, they have a lot of credentials also. You've got 100s of players in the league, and every year you're going to have some incredible performances. Only one gets the MVP award.

Moseley - I think that falls into the "You had to have been there" category to understand how it was possible. Far more consistent that any other player at his position. Kicked a game-winner in the snow in the division title game, and that set an all-time record for most consecutive FGs made at the time. He also scored all of Washington's points in another important game. It would be like Lou Groza winning the MVP in 1953. I wouldn't have had a problem with that choice either. Was Fouts awesome? Yes, he was pretty much every year I remember. But he didn't win MVPs in other years also. One of those seasons he threw for 4800+ yards which was way more than the person who won. So, you could make a case for Dan Fouts in multiple seasons. Plus, we're just talking one of the MVP awards. Fouts did win the Pro Football Writers Award over Moseley. But man, Mark Moseley was money in his day when it came to IMPORTANT kicks. Back then, he was clearly better than all of his peers and he was for several seasons at either putting his team ahead by two scores late, kicking the game-winning FG in the final minute, that sort of thing. You ask any coach during that period who they would want kicking a FG to ice or win a game - everybody would have said Moseley without thinking about it.

All that said, it would have been nice if Chuck Foreman or Lenny Moore had an MVP trophy. Those are two players that I think might have been the most worthy to have not won an MVP.


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Re: NFL MVP's who didn't deserve to win

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How about Brian Sipe in 1980?

No knock on his season, but Lester Hayes in that same season might have deserved more consideration considering how many picks he had.
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