Ted Ginn Jr and Devin Hester

Re: Ted Ginn Jr and Devin Hester

Postby Brian wolf » Fri Jul 23, 2021 1:04 pm

I agree Bryan ...

A HOF returner needs to be a regular, productive starter like a Gayle Sayers. Brian Mitchell played well every time he was in a game but the coaches never utilized him enough which was stupid on their part. Timmy Brown should already be in the HOF. Like Calvin Johnson, Hester is a media darling and will get alot of support but other players are more deserving.
I voted for Abe Woodson for HOVG but he wont make the HOF anytime soon. Seniors are of course, stuck in a swamp but if I was to elect a modern returner, it would be Walker, who is nearly out of time(Final year of eligibility ?)
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