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Begun in 2002, the Hall of Very Good seeks to honor outstanding players and coaches who are not in the Hall of Fame.

Gino Cappelletti
Position: End, Kicker
Teams: Boston Patriots 1960-1970
Bio: Outstanding kicker / receiver for Boston Patriots 1960-70. Ignored by NFL, AFL gave him a second chance. He caught 290 passes. His kicking and receiving accounted for 1130 points, including 155 in 1964.

Carl Eller*
Position: Defensive End
Teams: Minnesota Vikings 1964-1978, Seattle Seahawks 1979
Bio: Five-time All-Pro defensive end with Minnesota 1964-78, Seattle 1979. Played 225 games. Bulwark of famed “"Purple People Eater”" defense. Strong against run; fine pass rusher. Helped Vikes to 10 NFL/NFC crowns.

Pat Fischer
Scouting Report
Position: Defensive Back
Teams: St. Louis Cardinals 1961-1967, Washington Redskins 1968-1977
Bio: Only 5’'9”" and 170 pounds, Fischer starred for 17 seasons (1961-77) with St. Louis and Washington. He made 56 career interceptions in 213 games and was chosen to three Pro Bowls.

Benny Friedman*
Position: Tailback
Teams: Cleveland Bulldogs 1927, Detroit Wolverines 1928, New York Giants 1929-1931, Brooklyn Dodgers 1932-1934
Bio: Friedman’'s fame ranked second only to Grange during the 1920s. Called the best defensive back ever seen, he really wowed them with his running, kicking, and above all with his passing, the greatest of his day.

Gene Hickerson*
Position: Guard
Teams: Cleveland Browns 1958-1960, 1962-1973
Bio: In 15 seasons with the Browns (1958-60, 1962-73), Hickerson'’s blocks cleared the way Jim Brown and Leroy Kelly. His speed, power, durability, and athleticism made him a six-time Pro Bowl selection.

Jerry Kramer*
Scouting Report
Position: Guard
Teams: Green Bay Packers 1958-1968
Bio: A 5-time All-NFL choice with Lombardi’'s Packers, Kramer’'s most famous block came on Starr’s sneak for the victory in the “Ice Bowl.” He endured 22 operations during his career, but five championships made it worth it.

Johnny Robinson*
Scouting Report
Position: Defensive Back
Teams: Dallas Texans 1960-1962, Kansas City Chiefs 1963-1971
Bio: Star safety with Dallas Texans / Kansas City Chiefs 1960-71. Had 57 career interceptions. Began as offensive back, but soon moved to defense. Sure tackler. All-AFL 1965-69, All-AFC 1970. Two Super Bowls.

Mac Speedie
Position: End
Teams: Cleveland Browns 1946-1952
Bio: Cleveland Browns’ outstanding receiver 1946-52. Led AAFC in receptions 1947-49 and NFL in 1952. Caught 349 passes for 5,602 yards and 33 touchdowns in only seven seasons.

Mick Tingelhoff*
Scouting Report
Position: Center
Teams: Minnesota Vikings 1962-1978
Bio: Minnesota Vikings’ center 1962-1978. Extreme durability, set record for offensive linemen with 240 consecutive starts. All-NFL/NFC 1964-70; 6 Pro Bowls, 4 Super Bowls. Great quickness.

Al Wistert
Scouting Report
Position: Tackle
Teams: Philadelphia Eagles 1943-1951
Bio: Outstanding Philadelphia Eagles’ tackle 1943-51. All-NFL 1944-48. Quickness made up for lack of bulk at 217 pounds. Strong on defense; really excelled as a blocker. Led Eagles’ line in NFL championship years 1948-49.

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*Voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after induction into the Hall of Very Good.

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