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Number 1:

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PFRA-ternizing. About PFRA awards.

When Having the Best Record Didn't Mean Home Field Advantage by Andy Piascik.

August 'Gus' Cifelli by Jim Sargent. Lions tackle in 1950s.

Complete History of African American Quarterbacks in the NFL, Part 2 by Lloyd Vance.

John Riggins by Michael Richman. A runner and entertainer.

Cornerback by Darwin by Bob Carroll. A theory.

Dave Smukler by John Maxymuk. An early Eagles star.

Player Deaths in 2005.

Number 2:

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When Having the Best Record Didn't Mean Home Field Advantage, Part 2 by Andy Piascik.

Repeat Three-Peat, Almost by Jim Campbell.

The Tereshinskis of Georgia by Jim Campbell.

Darrell Dess by Andy Piascik.

Book Review: Keep A-Goin': The Life of Lone Star Dietz by Tom Benjay review by John Vorperian.

The Hall of Very Good 2006. Conerly, Hadl, Howley, Lipscomb, Karras, Rote, Stanfel, Thurston, O.Taylor, Towler.

Leroy Kelly by Roger Gordon.

When Eagles Dared by Ed Gruver. Buddy Ryan's 1980s Eagles.

Who to Root For? by Roger Gordon. Anecdote.

Points Allowed in Context by Andy Piascik.

By a Coin Toss by Timothy Holland. Halas has bad luck.

J.D. Smith and the 1961 49ers by Coach Troup.

Charley Taylor by Michael Richman.

Number 3:

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Art Rooney, Jr. by Tom Danyluk. The Steelers' Director of Player Personnell 1964-86.

The King of Siberia: Bill Howton by John Maxymuk.

Greg Pruitt by Roger Gordon.

The Birth of Modern Football by Tom Benjey. The forward pass and the single wing.

Ricky Bell : The Heart of a Champion by Denis Crawford.

What Might Have Been in Colorado by Timothy Holland. Had Denver signed its draft choices.

Tom Sestak by Greg Tranter.

Number 4:

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Troy Aikman from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Harry Carson from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

John Madden from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Warren Moon from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Reggie White from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Rayfield Wright from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Art Rooney, Jr. - Part 2 by Tom Danyluk. More inside stories on the Steelers of the 1970s.

Book Review: Pro Football in the Days of Rockne by Emil Klosinski review by Frank J. Stevens.

Frank Ryan and Gary Collins by Roger Gordon. Browns' outstanding battery.

Mario Gianelli by John Maxymuk. Bio.

Un-Bear-able Quarterbacks by Timothy Holland. Problems finding a QB.

Number 5:

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One on One - Conversation with Jim Brown: Part 1 by Roger Gordon.

The Masters of Versatility by Greg Selber. Outstanding NFL backs beyond the big names.

Gene Hickerson by Andy Piascik. Bio article.

The Most Enduring Major Passing Record on the Books by Roy E. Brownell II. Van Brocklin's.

PFRA Member Bringing Football and Its History to Young Fans by Mike Kennedy. (Mark Stewart).

The Super '70s: Memories of Football's Greatest Era by Tom Danyluk. Book description.

Most Combined Scores in a Quarter of a Regular Season Game. Stat oddity.

Book Review: Notre Dame, Chicago Bears and 'Hunk' by Emil Klosinski review by Frank J. Stevens.

Some Journalistic 'Hitchhiking' by Bob Irving. Analyzing some prognostications.

Interstate Trade by Tim Holland. Irony between Cleveland and Baltimore in the 1970s.

Ed Khayat by John Maxymuk. Bio.

Six Degrees of Separation for NFL Teams from John Maxymuk. Everyone's connected.

Double Dippin' by Timothy Holland. Two-timers Tobin Rote and Paul McGuire.

Number 6:

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PFRA-ternizing. Bob Gill discusses his new book on Minor League Football.

Committee Reports.

Pro Bowl Teams of the Fifties by Joel Bussert.

Book Review: Last Team Standing by Matthew Algeo review by Bob Hoover.

One on One - Conversation with Jim Brown: Part 2 by Roger Gordon.

Paul Briggs: A Lifetime Dedicated to Football by Jim Sargent.

Chuck Bednarik by John Maxymuk. Bio.

Galen Fiss courtesy of

Number 7:

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Warren Rabb by Jeff Miller.

One on One - Conversation with Jim Brown: Part 3 by Roger Gordon.

Luggin' the Leather by T.J. Troup. Do 100-yard rushing games guarantee victory?

Turk Edwards by Michael Richman. Immovable tackle.

Dick Schafrath by Roger Gordon.

This Game Is Going into Sudden Death by Steven M. Brainerd.

The Clues Were All There by Timothy Holland. Some upsets can be predicted.

Davey O'Brien by John Maxymuk. Bio.

The 'Other' MVP by Patrick Gallivan.

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