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These documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, or a similar PDF viewing application to access these files.

Number 1:

Don Maynard by Jim Sargent. HOF receiver.

Sports Illustrated's 2003 Football Predictions by Bob Irving.

Gordy Soltau by Andy Piascik. San Francisco star of the 1950s.

Indoors on a November Sunday by Jim Kiel. A semi-pro experience.

Dazzling Doak Walker by Jim Bankes. The Lions' versatile great.

Landry and Lombardi, Legendary Coaches by Patrick Gallivan.

Then and Now by Bob Irving. Comparison of player weights.

The Hall of Very Good 2005. Baughan, Benton, Dilweg, Harder, Little, Nobis, Retzlaff, Rote.

2004 Player Deaths. The annual record.

Number 2:

The College Game Is Easier by Red Grange with George Dunscomb. 1932 Saturday Evening Post.

Talking with a Legend: Charlie Sanders by Doug Warren. Interview.

Vince Banonis by Andy Piascik. Bio.

Bill Hewitt: The Oddside Kid by Don Smith. Bio.

Dick Barwegan by Jim Campbell. Mini-bio.

Harlon Hill: The Lance Alworth of His Era by T.J. Troup. Bio.

In the Wake of the News from Chicago Daily Tribune 1931. Players' off-season work.

Shakespeare in Cleats: The Story of Bill Fisher by Ace Hendricks. A career minor leaguer.

Number 3:

Getting a Charge Out of the Postseason by Ed Gruver. San Diego 1979-82.

Benny Friedman courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Dan Marino courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Fritz Pollard courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Steve Young courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Why the AAFC Browns Were the Best Team in Football 1946-49 by Andy Piascik. Opinion.

Cecil 'Cece' Grigg courtesy of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Former Canton Bulldog.

Eric Dickerson by Roger Gordon. Biographical article.

Larry Brown by Michael Richman. Biographical article.

The 'Trump' Method of Measuring Coaching Greatness by Greg Thomas.

New Books by PFRA Members.

Sid Gillman courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Number 4:

Wallace 'Wally' Triplett by Jim Sargent. Biographical article.

The Toe by Rick Gonsalves. Biographical article.

Burial Places of Hall of Famers by Michael Frank. List.

World War 2 and the Hall of Fame by Andy Piascik. Players overlooked because of service time.

Bob Waterfield vs. Bill Willis by Bill Pepperell. Two greats met in 1950.

Dick the Bruiser by John Maxymuk. Afflis was a football playing wrestler.

Don Hutson by Chris Willis. Biographical article.

Ozzie Newsome by Roger Gordon. Biographical article.

Verne Lewellen by Dr. Gregory Selber. Biographical article.

Ernie Smith by John Maxymuk. Biographical article.

Number 5:

PFRA-ternizing: Pittsburgh Myths. Common Mistakes about Pittsburgh pro football.

The Perfect Tackle by Chris Willis. Bio of Wilbur Henry.

A Rosey Career by Rick Gonsalves. Bio of Roosevelt Brown.

One Big Problem by Rick Gonsalves. The ups and downs of the extra point.

Gale Sayers: Rookie by Chris Willis. What a season!

Grosshandler Lists by Stan Grosshandler. Four compilations of football-baseball crosses.

Obscure Lone Star Heroes of the NFL by Gregory Selber. Players from Texas worth remembering.

I Didn't Do It! by George Taliaferro. The back discusses when and where he played T-quarterback.

Winning Percentages by Andy Piascik. The change in choosing a winner.

New Books by PFRA Members.

Number 6:

The First 'NFL Europe' by Mark L. Ford and Massimo Foglio. A first try.

Complete History of African American Quarterbacks in the NFL, Part 1 by Lloyd Vance.

Derrell Palmer by Andy Piascik. Bio sketch.

Cecil Isbell by John Maxymuk. Bio sketch.

Hail Mary on Snopes. The Urban Legend page looks at a famous play.

Hometown Hero by Roger Gordon. Bio sketch of Marion Motley.

DeBunking DeMyth by Jim Campbell. Tracing Lombardi's quote.

Wayne Miller by Michael Richman. Bio sketch.

Shula's Connections by Timothy Howell. The coach was connected with other great NFL coaches.

Muha by John Maxymuk. Bio sketch.

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