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These documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, or a similar PDF viewing application to access these files.

Number 1:

The Ten Best Super Bowls by Bob Carroll.

L.C. Greenwood by Bob Carroll. Mini-bio.

1940: The Triumph of the T by Bob Carroll.

Dan Towler by Stanley Grosshandler and Bob Van Atta. Mini-bio.

Heidi-Ho! by Bob Carroll. The infamous Heidi game.

Semi or Pro? by Bob Carroll. How to tell one from the other.

Research Notes by Bob Gill.

Number 2:

Mel Renfro by Don Smith. Biographical article.

Dan Dierdorf by Don Smith. Biographical article.

Lou Creekmur by Don Smith. Biographical article.

Joe Gibbs by Don Smith. Biographical article.

Charlie Joiner by Don Smith. Biographical article.

Has There Ever Been a Forfeit in the NFL? by Bob Carroll. A 1921 game that wasn't.

A Boom, Boom, Boom for the South Side by Bill Schubert. A memorable game for Trippi.

Dick Butkus: Born to Play Football by Michael Gershman. Mini-bio.

Finishing in Style: 1949 AAFC Championship by Bob Carroll. The Browns wrap up.

Bubba Smith by Michael Gershman. Mini-bio.

Number 3:

National Football League Franchise Transactions by Joe Horrigan.

O.J. Anderson by Bob Carroll. Mini-bio.

Bert Bell: The Commissioner by Don Smith. Biographical article.

Merlin Olsen: Gentlemanly Giant by Michael Gershman. Mini-bio.

Billy Ray Barnes by Rob Jackson. Biographical article.

Cliff Battles (mini-bio) by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Number 4:

Coach Steve Owen: The Great Innovator by Stan Grosshandler, Biographical article.

Bullet Bill Dudley by Jim Sargent. Biographical article.

Sweet Revenge: 1942 NFL Championship by Bob Carroll. Redskins get even.

The Day Dub Jones Ran Wild by Stan Grosshandler. Jones scores six TDs.

Sammy Baugh Courtesy of Pro Football Hall of Fame. Biographical article.

A Perfect Ending: 1948 AAFC Championship by Bob Carroll.

The Day Jim Hardy Threw Eight Interceptions by Stan Grosshandler.

Hall of Fame Candidates 1967 Supplied by Steve Hartman.

Do You Remember Bill Osmanski? by Stan Grosshandler. Mini-bio.

Top 20 Passers by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Number 5:

Ernie Scores 6 Touchdowns from the Chicago Tribune. Nevers' historic game.

Fred Biletnikoff: "I like catching passes" by Don Smith. Biographical article.

When Houston Struck Oil by Stan Grosshandler. The 1960-61 AFL champs.

Spec Sanders: A Memorable Runner by Stan Grosshandler. Biographical article.

Coach Vince Lombardi, the Power of Example by Victor Mastro & J. Shevalla. Bio sketch.

When the Buffalo Bills Rode High by Stan Grosshandler. Bills champs of 1964-65.

Joe Perry, "The Jet" by Joseph Hession. Biographical article.

Is Dan Marino Really the Greatest Passer by Greg Thomas.

Gino Marchetti by Don Smith. Biographical article.

'39 Packers by Stan Grosshandler. A championship team.

When Halas Cornered the Draft by Bob Carroll. How Halas built his team in 1941.

Number 6:

Where Did All the Veterans Go? by Steve Somma.

Byron White's Rookie Season by John Hogrogian.

Tribute to Charlie Conerly by Jimmie G. Purvis.

Art Moore by Robert Sproule. Biographical article of a Canadian star.

Don Smith: Nice Guy Finishing Up by PFRA Research. Mini-bio.

Arda's Excellent Adventure by Jim Campbell. Bio of Arda Bowser.

A Ralph by Any Other Name by Bob Carroll. Mini-bio.

Top 20: Rushing, Passing, Receiving, Scoring courtesy of PF Hall of Fame.

Annual: All-Pros: The First 40 Years by John Hogrogian.

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